FinContracts - Financial contracts on the Blockchain

Fincontracts project consists of two parts:

  1. fincontract-lib - a library for interacting with Financial contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain
  2. fincontract-cli - a CLI that utilizes fincontract-lib

For more information about Fincontracts see the paper: Findel: Secure Derivative Contracts for Ethereum and for the Smart Contract implementation in Solidity, see:

The fincontract-lib node.js module allows for operations like:

  • Deploying a Financial contract written as an expression to the Blockchain
  • Evaluating a Financial contract under different strategies:
    • estimating the boundary values using current Gateways
    • giving best and worst case boundary values inferred from the Financial contract
  • Executing and choosing a given Financial contract
  • Parsing a Financial contract from an string expression
  • Serializing a Financial contract to a string expression
  • Generating a graphical representation of a given Financial contract using a DOT engine