Collection of packages and tools for using DJI UAVS in ROS available on

List of packages

  1. dji_att_quat_to_transform
    • Publishes AttitudeQuaternion messages as a TF transforms and geometry_msgs
  2. dji_gimbal
    • Publishes gimbal’s state with robot_state_publisher
    • Supported gimbals (included URDF models):
      • DJI Zenmuse X3 (M100)
      • DJI Ronin-MX (M600, tunning required as different cameras are mounted differently)
  3. dji_rtk_tools
      • /dji_sdk/A3_RTK messages into local Euclidean frame (NED) given initial position
      • Converts ROSBAG with /dji_sdk/A3_RTK messages into a Google’s KML file, so that it can be loaded into Google Earth. However, accuracy of Google Maps is most of the time lower than D-RTK’s precision.
  4. dji_launchers
    • Collection of launcher scripts for DJI M100 and M600 UAVs. The M100 launcher is prepared for a flight arena at SnT, University of Luxembourg.

Python dependecies

pip install simplekml tqdm nvector
sudo apt-get install "ros-${ROS_DISTRO}-tf-conversions"
sudo apt-get install "ros-${ROS_DISTRO}-tf2*"